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Invato is a Fintech solution company enabling the business to generate smart invoicing, track and collect payments easily through a one window solution. We enable the business to generate bills and collect payments from a wide range of payment partners (Banks, Digital Wallets, over-the-counter, and other financial institutions). Our solution is for all sizes of business, with different industry sectors including (but not limited to) Education, insurance, financial institutions, retails, e-commerce, distributions, logistics.

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We also have stock management, and small accounting solutions that will help Small businesses to manage invoicing, purchase, expense and collect and track payments in one window.
Our easy-to-use dashboard and developer-friendly API can help businesses to integrate with their systems and collect payments directly.

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Collect your payments from

Internet & Mobile Banking

Direct Bank Debit


Mobile Wallets

Debit/Credit Cards

Over the Counter

Key Features

Customized Invoicing

customize invoicing as per your branding and color and send it to your customer

Recurring Invoicing.

Simple schedule invoicing with the different billing periods. each recurring invoice will be automatically sent to the customer via email or SMS

Automated Reminder

Manage due payments with our automated reminder feature that optimize your payment cycle.

Online Dashboard

Interactive dashboard with meaningful reporting to manage your business invoicing, payments, and basic accounting.

Developer Friendly.

Integrate with our API or pre-built plugins for seamless connectivity with Invato

Mini Accounting.

Small Businesses can manage stocks and expenses for a complete view on their business insights along with P&L statements


Multiple Payment Option

Collect payment from debit credit cards, online banking, Over the counter, Digital wallets, Account base payments, and many more.

Fast settlements

Instant realization of your funds and quickly settled to your bank accounts directly by using invato solution

Manage Cash Cycle

Invato makes your business to generate and send invoice easily and receive payments form your customer instantly to your bank account

Payment reminder

Your customer will never miss a payment with your invoice tracking and automated reminder via email and SMS.

Minimize work load

Recurring fee collection becomes easy as Invato will generate and send an invoice automatically on a specific date.

Quick reporting

Invato will send notifications and generate reports on payments and invoicing.

Our Payment Partners